AutoPay and KHQR in the context of Khmer SMM refer to specific payment and transaction methods designed to facilitate seamless financial transactions on their platform.

1.AutoPay: This feature allows users to automate payments for their SMM services. Once set up, it ensures that payments are processed automatically at the scheduled time, avoiding any delays in service due to manual payment processes. This is particularly useful for users who regularly purchase services and want to ensure continuous and uninterrupted service delivery.

2.KHQR: KHQR stands for Khmer Quick Response, a standardized QR code system in Cambodia. It enables users to make quick and secure payments by scanning a QR code with their mobile devices. This system is supported by various banks and mobile payment providers in Cambodia, making it a convenient option for users to pay for SMM services without needing to enter detailed payment information manually each time.

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By integrating AutoPay and KHQR, Khmer SMM provides a more efficient, secure, and user-friendly payment experience for its clients, ensuring smooth and hassle-free transactions.